Some wealthy chat and other dating reality shows

Do you still remember the most interesting wealthy chat reality show once broadcast on screen. Some of the shows are acting like arrangement before and the audiences already known what they see in the next time while some of it are unexpected. Today we are talk about some reality shows no matter wealthy chat in some unique situations or other special shows.


The first one: The Wedding Destroyers


It is a infrequent reality show which differ from the regular one and the purpose for the show is set a big joke as much as possible like spoof in wedding scenes. It drew on the hot movie which published in 2005 named “wedding destroyers” and add up some funny and new factors they thought useful. Before the wedding, there has five people be arrangement into the couple’s family on purpose and preparing something equipped well, while the new couple would be persuaded to permit what they done in wedding to change the classic but tired wedding atmospheres. On that day, the CCTV online and the actors and actresses going well, everything seems going well, but the fake police will appearing on the wedding and arrested the bride for the reason of abused illegal drugs at the last midnight. After all of the guests expanded their eyes well and keep saying surprised words in mouths, they thought it is the right time to let public know what the truth is, after all, they just want laugh.



The second one: Broken Angel


Did you ever meet these case that someone who living together with you like your lover since your meet in wealthy chat club or other scenes. Just like a troublemaker and still broad their bad influences and surround you. Set them free from the trouble is the task in Broken Angel and make more audience rating is better. Shannon Daugherty is the only hostess in that shows and she also is the important role when they help poor lover break up. The most cases they faced is the partner still have the willing living together and lasting their love but their lover hate that. Shannon is aiming at the unfriendly one and persuading him or her to seek the last one instead the unhappiness life.


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