Some famous reality shows fit for wealthy chat people




Age of love

The Australia open champion Mark Philippoussis like wealthy chat so much and always appearing on the newspaper’s titles if someone who could be thought as a famous playboy in reality. People were crazy about his tennis skills also interested in his own life. In order to showing what the real lifestyle in wealthy chat and his dating life, the newest US reality show has aimed at that man to deliver some information his fans liked and what he does when dating with different kind of women and girls, the females has been divided into two groups by their ages and called as kitty and lioness.


The kitty pretended to be new neighbors who living at the same community to touch him, all of them came from Los Angeles and looks so sweet. The average ages of the lioness group over 40 years old but all of them are successful women and owned career, ignore the attraction from these mature women is a dangerous thing cause they meet many single men in wealthy chat party and knowing how to catch them.


Better man Brady

Did you ever noticed that the chances of meet millionaire singles in wealthy chat club or dating site is much easier than other places, and there are someone who always has the chance and permission to join in that parties including super models and actors. What the reality show make us feel what the real feelings of that shining people. You might ever heard that some famous singles meet another one who same as despite they have a large discrepancy.




This is a phenomenal dating reality show but has differ from the traditional one due to the teachable. There are many singles who have good fitness body shape, well-education background, them might witty but never smart alecky. While they still haven’t the abilities to operating the dating well, most of them have the worst dating experiences and afraid to meet these matters again, trust me, they are being single for a long time even though they still have the willing to meet the right one. What should the programmers did is trying to training these single people to dating again after they raised their self confidence and dating skill, stringer their psychological quality. Hoped that it will be a better one.


We will keep updating the new one.


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