Another wealthy chat and dating reality shows

Here we are continue to sharing some wealthy chat and dating reality shows


The bachelor

This is a serious of dating reality shows that broadcast in America which all of the heroes are the members of the wealthy chat dating club. In the fifth season, the hero called Dr. Travis Stork, a doctor in an emergency room, and he is a 35 years old single handsome man, what he faced is the dating requires from 25 girls, hero living with these girls in the same house to select the only lover for him through the public dating and dating face to face. This is the first time that made production overseas in Paris.




Boy meets boy

The reality show do not put their attentions on wealthy chat while trying to set gay dating, it is a big advance, the show arrangement a gay as the only hero, the hero also meet the 15 gay and fake gay’s courts, receive the dating from the other boys. Through the tests in each episodes, until the last one left, and reveal the mystery in whether the lover is gay or not, hero will get over 30,000 dollars if his lover is gay, if not, dollar send to his lover.



Playing it straight

The only one sexy girl match with 14 single handsome males to seek a million dollars, this is the key to ensure the high rating. This is a lie game that the 14 single males must court to the only girl no matter they are gay or not, if the gay hold the love from the girl, he will have the chance to sharing a million dollar with girl, if straight man get it, all of the prize belong to girl. In my opinion, this kind of the reality show full of criticized voices from audiences, the heroin have much more chance been cheated from the money and males. Did you want join it?



Luxury hotel

I guess there’s many people don’t have the opportunities to living their nights, dinners, spa and wealthy chat dating. So the programmers set the chance to help somebody access to the life in luxury hotel. After three months preparation, eleven girls and boys was permitted to living in a luxury hotel and trying to date each other in a week, if they matches well, they have more time living together. As far as I am concerned, meet a rich man to living better in the future is better than common people.



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