The last kind of wealthy chat and reality shows




Find partners

It is a wealthy chat dating reality show that been thought as the real sex and the city based on the same theme in dating, sex and lifestyle as they are. That one has combined with factors in drama and reality show to expanding the dating experiences when program planners tracks the different eleven New York single girl’s wealthy chat and dating experiences. The dating ways of them has covered in the different methods like online dating, join the wealthy club’s parties, received the invites from their friend, meet somebody come across, etc. While, what the eleven single girls showing to us is a spectacular dating experiences including dating on the forest, driving a car with the fake driver license, keep drunk in dating. What they real want to seek the lover is just a Mr.right, but it seems difficult than what they thought before.



Laguna Beach

That name of the place is a real beach in US but it also been famous by the reality show called as the same name. It concentrate a group of the single young boys and girls who comes from all over the world and be selected by the wealthy chat program planners. And they have been arranged living into a seaside luxury hotel for a long time to showing us what they will did when they faced other single females and males, some of them might be fall in love in the short time, some of people’s relationship are getting worse while there still somebody being single. It’s like a thumbnail image follow by our daily life that surrounded us day and night, every one could seek the person in that program to represent the ourselves in reality.




An ideal couple

It’s a popular dating reality show in America which concentrated fourteen girls and boys, the genders is the same half of the all. But much attractive than other is the girls appearing on the show is sexy while smartness, boys seems like bearing the tough time and intelligence. In this shows, all of the attenders must pass the tests as a pattern of couples including mentality, fashion and dance. Which differ from their daily life style and appeal some fresh style, all of the boys learning the skills of make up, as the same ideas, the girls was teach by the rocket professors from MIT to test them how long could they made a tiny and non-hazardous rocket. Each day one of the members would be weed out based on their scores they have, the champion will win a prize over 250,000 dollars.


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