Another kind of wealthy singles

12Wealthy singles is a unique and mavericks group of people that being single status on purpose while enjoy it. Lacked the care and protection from lover doesn’t stand anything in their eyes but less hassle in daily life. Being single doesn’t meaning lonely and never talk about themself as an object of pity,nor did they showing any envy of the couple. Cherish the life and something they owned represent is much important than something unknown now and future. Here we are continue to showing another kind of wealthy singles.


People hurt in the past relationships

Some of the single people even wealthy singles have been suffered the injured from the lover in the past relationships and can not rise to the occasion but choose to avoid the potential relationships and lovers despite the another one expressed the love over and over but no vain. Do not want to be hurt again as they said in mind.


Desperate wealthy singles

These people might be the most loyal and romantic one in relationships, for them, there’s nothing much more preciously than sharing their love with the only one they loved nor few people. They also think the love is the most purest emotion shouldn’t be polluted by desires, keep it purest wonderful till the life ends. On the contrary, some singles considered all of the relationship mixed with greed and sex even violate which far away from the originally one. They believed in the love story in fairy tales and novels even legends, their trust the soul mate still exists but hardly to seek so that worth to wait. In their mind, over hundreds of the common lover can not match with the only one.



Romantic singles

It also the standout and hold the designation the reason for someone being single for a long time that they need the romantic lover and lifestyle. Somebody said that it is like a beautiful lie in the dreamland you never get it real if you want single until to death. On the one hand, they are much likely with the desperate wealthy singles while added more romance, they are rejected to face something need their deal with but sleeping in the dreamland, compared with the fairy tale, hero and beast.



There still some kind of single exists and addicted in their own world, as a unique people, everyone has the rights to living what they want to, what we should do, is hope them all the best.


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