Some kind of the wealthy singles

496966So far you might have probably read so many articles like kind of “why are you being single always”, “how to far away from your wealthy singles’ life”. In the most time, the authors and some people still thought the singlehood of that people need to be treat like a disease, they also told you what should you do in the way of change that situations and trying to get better as soon as possible. Is there anything wrong with that wealthy singles in their daily life or values?


The others pointed out some reasons they felt in some people living in single for a long time but in vain even though they are trying lot, while there are less details about how they really thought themselves.



Fortunately, that author of the single and the city, she investment over sixty wealthy singles between male and female in Poland and put some ideas that we never mentioned.



Here we are talk about some kind of the wealthy singles.



#1. The happy singles

There are some singles who completely sink in the happiness of the single life, which are combined the many leisure time in reading, working, travel abroad, take care or their pets like dogs and cats. They also felt unnecessary in dating or relationship like they think that meet a wrong people with badly experience. They might as what the people said in single mind world.




#2. Accustomed in wealthy single life

They are familiar with the happy singles in many aspects while they are much more used to living in singlehood. It doesn’t means they are living with negative attitudes on that but regard their present single life as a permanent status. They are reject to change their single but harmonious lifestyle for meet a lover and mixed with their lifestyle even quit the old gestures and interests. All of their emotional needs and the daily helps and love they received from the family members and their friends. Some single’s sexual orientation have range from lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and asexuality. For them, love in relationship be regarded as the meaningless things despite most of the person do not agree it but they enjoy it will harmonious life. In my opinions, living a life with fun, relax, leisure, happiness, peaceful is much wonderful than meaningless relationship or married life.

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