Something do not said to wealthy singles

800px-The_Brisons_sunset4There are some wealthy singles who associated with you in daily’s work and life, some of them living with pleasure while others felt so regret about the situation now they faced even though they don’t care about the monthly incomes while only care about where is the next destination in travel.


While despite you are trying your best to avoiding connect some sensitive words with the wealthy singles who around you but might made mistakes sometimes, here we are collected some sensitive words when you say something to them should avoid that.


Said “How are you still single? You’re so great.” like these is impolite when you meet a friend who hadn’t seen you for years and learned he or she still being single.


There are some conversations should be avoided, attention please.


1.It will happens when you least expect it, don’t you ever get lonely? Answer: They don’t care about it, including you.

  • Aren’t you ever worried about you won’t be able to have kids? Answer: It’s not your business despite I already heard it over hundred times.
  • Are you seeing anyone? I think you should trying online dating,my friends meet their husband/wife that way. Answer: Do I looks get in trouble, dear?
  • They don’t deserve you, you are such a catch. Answer: Love shouldn’t be thought as a exchange.
  • He’s just not ready for a serious commitment yet. Answer: You are one of the worms in his stomach?
  • One day when you’re married, you’ll wish you were single. Answer: that’s what I do now,darling.
  • There are plenty of fish in the sea, you’re just too picky. Answer:I’m not the fisherman or fisherman,even you.
  • Just don’t turn into some crazy cat lady. Answer: I’m one of a wealthy singles and have able to pick the cat fur pick out well.
  • He/She probably just lost your number. Answer: I guess so.
  • At a wedding:”You better get out there, they’re doing the bouquet toss. Answer: I’m a spectator and wait the joke of you.
  • You’re just too busy right now. Answer: Correct!
  • You have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Answer: I dress Chanel No.5 every day and night.


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