Something avoid talk to wealthy singles

18Wealthy singles always be thought as a lonely people different from other in most people eyes despite they might rich than some couples and lovers, some of the singles living alone far away from their parents. They are trying best efforts in works and own careers no matter in what kind of the jobs but they did it well. In my opinions, treat your wealthy singles friend as a common people nor prejudice attitudes in daily life. For their wealth could have the chance to help you a lot when you struggled in some poor situations.


While, much to our surprised is that some the wealthy singles are much sensitive than what we thought especially in their emotional problems. So, here are something we should avoid talk to the wealthy singles.


In reference to your best friend: have you guys ever thought of dating?

That’s a boring question in friend’s talking, do you want dating with your best friend who meet you over years. As one of your friends, shouldn’t recommended the singles who surrounded you date with you.



I cant wait to meet your future spouse, they are going to be amazing?

Do you felt angry from the friend’s mouth when you meet in the party and they said that words to you. They do not care about whether happiness you are just want laugh to you out. In fact, they hoped that you could being single always instead of meet a Mr or Mrs Right.



Well all be laughing about this someday

I think that people who talk these words to you shouldn’t be as your friends, in their eyes they don’t thought you as friend but be a clown, far away from them is the key.


You should let set you up, I know the perfect person for you

Sorry, there’s nobody knowing you well in many aspects except yourself, as a friend, they only have knowing you about one aspect despite they do not accompanying you day and night. Being single is a life style you chosen what you liked.


You dont need anyone, damn right!

Did you felt hurt when someone talk to you don’t need anyone but being single as wealthy singles, all of the matters in emotion is not your business.


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