Young, strong, handsome single farmers seek their lover beyond the farm

single farmers 32John is one of the single farmers I meet in Katy Perry concert and our conversation goes well so we drink some wine in bar after the concert over.



“What do you do? ”


“I am a journalist, and you?”




Then we sink in the silence until I ordered another three drinks, I invited him drink more as cups of beers. As a professional journalist, I realized there are something should be take into consideration with the deeply talk. I still remembering what his talked that single farmer on rural area. So I asked some questions followed it.


#1. Hows about the farm life?

In his eyes, It should be thought as one of the ideal place to live, me and my family members, friends and neighbors are rare worried about the traffic jam when they go shopping, far a visit in friends. Besides, we always enjoy the most fresh agriculture produces for what we do and take it from farm, barbecue on that place is perfect. Did you ever heard the wolf cry in the midnight? We also enjoy the fresh air every day, far away from the air pollution.



#2. How many single farmers still living in your hometown?

Well, that’s a serious question, for me, one of the singles in that area, seriously speaking, there are still someone being singles and most of them are over 40 years but very rich due to what the acres of farm they owned. But for the singles, they are much more chances to meet the new instead of seek their lover or wife on the small town. Besides, we could seek lover online through laptop and app.



#3. What kind of the woman do you like?

This is a match question that people still wondering what kind of the woman I like, I do not want seek the cow girls and want seek the rich single woman because I also have a rich man indeed.I also want meet the new people instead of the rural like in urban cities, trust me, I am the gentlemen and like-minded and have the able to support the better life even luxury lifestyle. She must be tender heart, smart, charming, tall and have the willing to living the rural life from the farmer dating sites.


We talked lot until the midnight so that we will keep update much more about it.


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