As rich single men, how to deal your wealthy chat well

wealthy singlesAs one of rich single men, what should you do and follow something if you want have the well wealthy chat with your girlfriend ?


First: What the excellent topics when you talk with you lover?

In my opinion, there’s not the exactly answers about that topics but do that your good at is good. Felt relax is the first but most important key if you date with you lover for the meaningful things as well. You might have ever wondered that talk with the girl is a hard thing especially meet the one you loved that the more you want to saying something with her, the more nervously you are. You do not worry about that due to you will have the same topic and same idea with the time goes by and living together for a long time and known each other better.



Second: Prepared well before you ready to ?

My answer is unnecessary, you may think that is vital before you date with them and preparing something including the topic and plans but it can not reach the effects as you openness mind. Just saying what you want to share if only have the manners.


Third: What’s topics?

My answer is depend on yourself.


Fourth: Sharing something new or interesting.

Be quiet is a stupid thing but tell her something meaningful, interested, funny as a joke to them is better than talk about you ex-girlfriend, she must felt you are humour one.


Fifth: Just stay with her even quietly without any words.

It seems that your girlfriend is not that one you need talk to her without ending despite you are thinking she would felt lonely, but you may considered something into mind that seek some classic jokes online. Followed about her hobbies like travel, reading, playing piano, jazz music and so on.


Key: it is not related to anything but you mindset.

The more cares of the importance of date with girls, the more misunderstood and have no idea about topic with your girlfriend.


While there are many aspects talk to her including:

Her own works or careers

Her hobbies like travels, reading books, music, drama, fashion show and so on.

Her idol: these girls are more likely admired the famous idol like Lady Gaga and wealthy singles.

Her pets: her dog called John, her cat called GiGi.

Makeup: Louis Vitton, YSL, Dior, ES and so on, treat her babies well.



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