Attention the ghost on wealthy dating sites

wealthy dating sitesDo you believe that there are some ghosts existing on some wealthy dating sites like the same influences like the other fields that made somebody felt fears and no power do something after they met it by accident. You may felt curious about what kind of the ghosts does wealthy dating site have and where they are comes from and how long are they want to be staying at there? More importantly is who they are?


Reply you questions: these ghosts is not the traditional one that we ever heard and saw from the media but be described as the man or woman suddenly cut off and disappearing the contact with someone chatting or dating with and there are not any message left. They are comes from us, yes, believe you eyes that they are come from the everyone who registered as a member on these dating site for rich people and anyone of them could the able to become a ghost. Moreover, the time of they staying at there as a ghost is not any clear ideas but as followed what their intentions. I think there are many of the dating site members used to doing or doing now as what we talked.


What they gonna do?

Like most of the common members they are firstly register as a member on some famous best millionaire dating sites like MM and eHarmony and so on, filling their personal profiles and made it perfect, then their journey begun. They will be introduced by official daily listed as other members do because the official have no ideas about how to identified them from over hundred thousands of the members in the beginning. After they meet some like-mined rich single men online they could start to date like others at the same platform. After several times talking and meet in reality these potential ghosts think that the one they faced is not the best one but they don’t want to reject others face to faces, so they would become a ghost that suddenly cut off all of contacts with them even dating online for several days to make them forgot it.


This is more harm than good

Sure, as far as I can see that this is definitely more harm than good. On the one hand, it would declined your reputation on these famous sites due to it is difficult to clean out all of your information online. On the other hand, you might end up your personal online dating on some sites that you are more likely be complained by others and the official is catch you guys ghosts in the way and non-stopped.



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