The common lies between men and women when wealthy chat

wealthy chat322There are some beautiful lies existing between men and women with wealthy chat when in dating or marriage, of course, as far as I am concerned, no matter what the lies for kindness or purpose wouldn’t be said to others. It also requires more and more lies to filled within once you asked for the first one. Learning to make responsible for relationships and love is the basic one if you want keep it for a log time. While there are three classical lies in relationship or marriage with rich men and shall you keep it in mind.


  • I’ve ate already

The man in dating or marriage are much more willing to leave some delicious meals to you despite you haven’t ate but still said to her what your plan to said already. For women, it means the man you loved worth to love and your decisions is right. If you heard that words from your man means you are everything for him.


  • I don’t mind at all

The most frequent words that the men in love or marriage said to lover is they don’t mind at all about what her past and everything she have had. It is obviously that the words said from the man is much heavily than common words, there is nobody do not care about their lovers past but they are just that into you and do want let you remind the past painful memories. While, as the present lover or husband, they can’t help comparing themself with your ex-boyfriends. So , as a experienced woman, you just only said to them you have the only one men that is him is better to tell the truth.


  • I’m fine

That might be the most common words said from your lover or husband when you want asked them when they showing something wrong or something filled with sorrow and sadness or confused one happened on him. Trust me, darling, the man you loved one is full of responsible and kindness if they said okay to you but the hard situations still attacking him. Be a man is the hard to deal something well and balanced between it. In his mind, this is what the duty they are and they will have much methods and ideas to make it better and better.


Meanwhile, if you are being singles for a log time or want meet rich singles from some wealthy chat and dating sites, should choose the serious one.


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Tips about seek rich lover from wealthy dating sites (Second Seasons)

weathy dating sites33We have shared something about some tips when you want seek rich lover on some wealthy dating sites and here are many replies we received that my dear ladies also has put many questions and advises about it, I felt so appreciated to my dear ladies and your sincerely advises because we are get many information from that and could do it better. In these replies, we get some useful information that we never noticed but great ideas including the relationships, self-confidence, privacy, available, rules and attitudes. Thanks you so much my dears and we will enroll these in our blog.


  1. The attitudes about relationship

You may felt confused that the attitudes about relationship with rich men, while, some of the seek for long time relationship while some of them just for fun, it is common and almost happened on sites. Some single rich men looking for woman could make his career better and better based on woman’s better education, excellent capacity for works. While some one just for fun like seek a sugar baby, what their demands for lover just more interested in appearance.


  1. You must be confident

The self-confidence is the primary factor if you want meet wealthy man on some best millionaire dating sites, all of the charming, sexy, smart related to confidence.


  1. Keep secret if you have other relationships

It is common that you may not aimed about the only one especially you are being single for a long time and want change life better in the future, for me, keep these relationships staying at the shelters is much better because you don’t understood what their feelings and what would they do after they realized they are not the only one.


  1. Have some spare time

Despite we could ask anyone stay at home or have the accurate time plan in order to catch the rich dating or common chat, but left some as spare time to dating is necessary. Attention, avoid to dating late.


  1. Set a dating plan

It is useful when you faced some irregular situations and couldn’t solve it by own, set a plan is necessary. You can’t imagine what kind of the men will you meet though you are chatting online over 3 months even more further. Meanwhile, the ways of deal the drunks, drug users and other dangerous men should be listed on that.


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How to identified whether the wealthy singles you meet online is really have the intention to going with you

wealthy singles230It is “hot“ season coming right? Also have many single women have the interests in looking for lover including the popular wealthy singles as well. People who surrounded me have much more willingness dating online like some famous millionaire dating sites. But, recently some of my sisters complained to me what something happened on themselves with these words that: “Is he have the mind stay with me? Or I can not understood his cold feeling to me after he have sex with me”.

There are some useful approaches if you want identified whether the wealthy singles you meet online is really have the intention to going with you or not.


#1. Showing his sheltered face with naughty boy

The adults only showing the naughty face with the rare people they trust or have the intentions to closed especially for the matures men, most of the men would store something or mood in mind like make a bottle of beer stronger and safety so it shows to others like what their mature appearance. Hence, it is couldn’t means they don’t have the needs to be cared but showing the real behaviors like a child when they faced lover without limits.


#2. let his friends and family members recognize you

The wealthy man would look for ways to have more connections with you or their social networks if they are really love you. Trying to invite you join their social parties, meet their family members even stay with them in abroad. If not, there have two reasons could explain if they do not the willing let you join in, the one is he already have a girlfriend but don’t want cut off that relationship, the send reason is he thought you as the sex partner in bed.


#3. Stare your eyes instead of the breast

People always said to me that almost all of the men consider things about women with their penis instead of brain, but your brain still work well. If a men you meet on dating wealthy sites are stare at your face it understand he want to keep a long relationship with you while if he stare at you body means he want have sex with you.


#4. His futures plan including you

That man you could plan to stay with him for a long time or the rest of your lifetime if he said to you what the details in future’s plan when bought a new house asked your requirements.


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What the wealthy singles would do if he is not that into you

wealthy singles 355Ada is my friend who met me when I was 6 years old lived in Texas, and we last that friendship over 19 years since we first met in school. In 2015, she sought some wealthy singles on famous wealthy dating sites, at that time, she said to me what her feelings about rich dating, they spent many time together and travel abroad like enjoyed the sunshine in Tahiti, visited the great wall in Beijing, and dating in Paris. Everything goes well and she sink in but like the old saying goes:”Things always have two sides like a coin” that she always met some difficult situations like other women in love. Recently, she found that her lover who will wealthy chat to her seems that man became interested in another women but she have no idea about that. She felt so confused and asked me is there possible to identified whether her wealthy dating lovers not that into her.


The pattern changed

In the beginning of that relationship, the lovers between my friend and the man are trying to avoid some troubles appear or trying their best to solve the problems if happened as soon as possible. While with the time goes by, they may shout at you or refused to solved that problem. The pattern changed means the relationship turns into another place.


The quality change in sex

Sex is the important part of the relationship no matter straight or gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people, some related surveys claimed that the male who have the sexual or emotional infidelity are cold to their wife but the wife are not with the same situations. Actually, you can identified something strange by your daily observation. As we all known that the sex is the regular behavior and necessary things in meet the mental needs, and that sex must be banned from the common family regular life.


Trying to compensate

This is contradictory in cheating people mind after they have sex with other wealthy singles men or women but clear when they finished that sex, they are afraid to divorced with wife or separated with their girlfriend so they are trying their best to do something they never do in before like do some housework.



Ensure the appearance

Once a friend told to me that if your dirty husband or boyfriend with dirty bad smell socks and T-shirts have trying to tidy themselves up than before with the clean appearance and pay more attention on himself no matter handsome, fitness body or not.


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Some excellent places to meet single rich man

meet single rich manJust like the Cinderella dream came true in fairy tale that sought her Mr.Right finally and living the happiness life, in reality world, many single sexy and charming women have the willing to meet single rich man for the different intentions, some of them believed that date rich men is the most convenient approach to make them living the luxury lifestyle and do not worry about the daily expenses and costs when they enjoyed it. Someone meet that people is to broaden their social network and horizons also experience the life they never had before. Hence, most of the women trying to looking for them are rely on the strong interest in rich people and want make a long relationships with them after they have several common ex-boyfriends. While, it is almost impossible to meet the wealthy singles if you followed the rich dating matchmakers due to the strict threshold.


Do there have other places to meet the man I preferred?

The answer is yes, we collected some wonderful places to help you meet the one you might loved.


#1. Charity party

In urban cities, it is one of the approaches to get close to the rich groups of people, most of the rich people would have the willingness help even devoted something and money to save someone need helped, what should you do is prepare well with the own style join it, open a suitable conversation with the rich single men and keep further more.


#2. Trade fair

That approach could most helpful to the ladies who working at the related company or business agencies that been arranged join some famous and professional trade fail as a company representative take the businesses with others. You can meet many businessmen for the normal trades and learns much more details about that people and set well before you begin your love journey.


#3. Company annual meeting

No more than single women, I guess almost all of the employees are much flexible on that meeting in the end of the year, not only for the exciting meeting content they included but for much money they would get earn. Single people would have more chance to meet single rich man and woman by the inner conversation.


#4. Local famous luxury club

That’s way should be thought as the most common but still have much more single ladies find the rich one in that places like my friend Alisa, a 22 years old Britain girl who graduated from normal college and works as a teacher in junior high school, has met a 45 years old divorced single man two years ago, till now, they are planning to hold the wedding in next month in Chicago.



Trust your dreams.


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Some practical ways to meet rich single men and women

It’s not easy to seek real rich single men or women online, faced numerous of called serious and real even comprehensive rich men dating sites but also in vain. There are some practical ways to meet rich singles.




millionaire-match's dating site on PC

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cluxury millionaire dating



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cmake up


luxury baby




cfarmer rich dating



The meet rich men sites is much different from other dating sites that they only put some unknown dating sites on the first page as what they thought helpful. While, people more preferred dating on the Apps and learn something useful from social media. Here we are collect it all to represent the practical ways to you.


MillionaireMatch is the world’s largest millionaire dating sites that only receive member application and service for people who settled in developed countries to guarantee the high quality dating service, worth to experience.

We also introduce some Apps and social media that come close to millionaire singles and wealthy singles, that platforms we mentioned hoped that you can enjoy the process in seek rich men and women.




Another wealthy chat and dating reality shows

Here we are continue to sharing some wealthy chat and dating reality shows


The bachelor

This is a serious of dating reality shows that broadcast in America which all of the heroes are the members of the wealthy chat dating club. In the fifth season, the hero called Dr. Travis Stork, a doctor in an emergency room, and he is a 35 years old single handsome man, what he faced is the dating requires from 25 girls, hero living with these girls in the same house to select the only lover for him through the public dating and dating face to face. This is the first time that made production overseas in Paris.




Boy meets boy

The reality show do not put their attentions on wealthy chat while trying to set gay dating, it is a big advance, the show arrangement a gay as the only hero, the hero also meet the 15 gay and fake gay’s courts, receive the dating from the other boys. Through the tests in each episodes, until the last one left, and reveal the mystery in whether the lover is gay or not, hero will get over 30,000 dollars if his lover is gay, if not, dollar send to his lover.



Playing it straight

The only one sexy girl match with 14 single handsome males to seek a million dollars, this is the key to ensure the high rating. This is a lie game that the 14 single males must court to the only girl no matter they are gay or not, if the gay hold the love from the girl, he will have the chance to sharing a million dollar with girl, if straight man get it, all of the prize belong to girl. In my opinion, this kind of the reality show full of criticized voices from audiences, the heroin have much more chance been cheated from the money and males. Did you want join it?



Luxury hotel

I guess there’s many people don’t have the opportunities to living their nights, dinners, spa and wealthy chat dating. So the programmers set the chance to help somebody access to the life in luxury hotel. After three months preparation, eleven girls and boys was permitted to living in a luxury hotel and trying to date each other in a week, if they matches well, they have more time living together. As far as I am concerned, meet a rich man to living better in the future is better than common people.



Some famous reality shows fit for wealthy chat people




Age of love

The Australia open champion Mark Philippoussis like wealthy chat so much and always appearing on the newspaper’s titles if someone who could be thought as a famous playboy in reality. People were crazy about his tennis skills also interested in his own life. In order to showing what the real lifestyle in wealthy chat and his dating life, the newest US reality show has aimed at that man to deliver some information his fans liked and what he does when dating with different kind of women and girls, the females has been divided into two groups by their ages and called as kitty and lioness.


The kitty pretended to be new neighbors who living at the same community to touch him, all of them came from Los Angeles and looks so sweet. The average ages of the lioness group over 40 years old but all of them are successful women and owned career, ignore the attraction from these mature women is a dangerous thing cause they meet many single men in wealthy chat party and knowing how to catch them.


Better man Brady

Did you ever noticed that the chances of meet millionaire singles in wealthy chat club or dating site is much easier than other places, and there are someone who always has the chance and permission to join in that parties including super models and actors. What the reality show make us feel what the real feelings of that shining people. You might ever heard that some famous singles meet another one who same as despite they have a large discrepancy.




This is a phenomenal dating reality show but has differ from the traditional one due to the teachable. There are many singles who have good fitness body shape, well-education background, them might witty but never smart alecky. While they still haven’t the abilities to operating the dating well, most of them have the worst dating experiences and afraid to meet these matters again, trust me, they are being single for a long time even though they still have the willing to meet the right one. What should the programmers did is trying to training these single people to dating again after they raised their self confidence and dating skill, stringer their psychological quality. Hoped that it will be a better one.


We will keep updating the new one.


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The basic rule when you dating with millionaire singles


More and more people choose to seek a millionaire as lover instead the common people for their better financial and support better lifestyle. Millionaire singles has much more willingness to seek their lover on professional online millionaire and rich men dating sites. It caused many real dating on the life, for example, after they meet and communicate with each other over 3 months and decide first date face to face on real, the girl, as the luckiest person date with millionaire singles, there’s something still exists and need to be notice while you are dating.


Here we are talk about the basic rule when you dating with millionaire singles for the first time.


Away from the criticize is the basic rule when you date with your lover. When first date begin, the most important thing you should do is set a useful communication way and rules that made you and your millionaire single lover feeling what a relax and pleasant atmosphere it is and much happy with you. Listen carefully his state about what he shares with your smiles and agreement instead of criticized comments about it. Meanwhile, sharing more things about what you thought meaningful and enjoyable to him, every one has the rights to talk about what their feelings based on the friendly atmosphere.



It is common that something he shared is do not match for your own values like snake should be thought as pet in home, even though you do not like this but be quiet and patience due to his millionaire singles instead of the common one. But you still talking in your mind.


Something that forced your catch the criticized should be cover with a sugar on the surface as words share to him instead of the originally flavor.


Peaceful mind to face things happened during the dating is the key to make sure the next step in millionaire dating. As the same ideal, keep quiet also the best choice to face some unbearable situation. Speak softly just like a chocolate cake taste in mouth for a long time instead of pure water left nothing but still exist in vain. Not only date with rich people should obey these rules, but also dating with common singles like that the dialogue manners.


There’s some voice saying that the most emergency thing for me is seek a millionaire singles, what should you do is spent you time on dating review site to looking for you love.

Some wealthy chat and other dating reality shows

Do you still remember the most interesting wealthy chat reality show once broadcast on screen. Some of the shows are acting like arrangement before and the audiences already known what they see in the next time while some of it are unexpected. Today we are talk about some reality shows no matter wealthy chat in some unique situations or other special shows.


The first one: The Wedding Destroyers


It is a infrequent reality show which differ from the regular one and the purpose for the show is set a big joke as much as possible like spoof in wedding scenes. It drew on the hot movie which published in 2005 named “wedding destroyers” and add up some funny and new factors they thought useful. Before the wedding, there has five people be arrangement into the couple’s family on purpose and preparing something equipped well, while the new couple would be persuaded to permit what they done in wedding to change the classic but tired wedding atmospheres. On that day, the CCTV online and the actors and actresses going well, everything seems going well, but the fake police will appearing on the wedding and arrested the bride for the reason of abused illegal drugs at the last midnight. After all of the guests expanded their eyes well and keep saying surprised words in mouths, they thought it is the right time to let public know what the truth is, after all, they just want laugh.



The second one: Broken Angel


Did you ever meet these case that someone who living together with you like your lover since your meet in wealthy chat club or other scenes. Just like a troublemaker and still broad their bad influences and surround you. Set them free from the trouble is the task in Broken Angel and make more audience rating is better. Shannon Daugherty is the only hostess in that shows and she also is the important role when they help poor lover break up. The most cases they faced is the partner still have the willing living together and lasting their love but their lover hate that. Shannon is aiming at the unfriendly one and persuading him or her to seek the last one instead the unhappiness life.


Seek your rich lover on wealthy find love based their over 2,000,000 identified wealthy members.