How to identified whether the wealthy singles you meet online is really have the intention to going with you

wealthy singles230It is “hot“ season coming right? Also have many single women have the interests in looking for lover including the popular wealthy singles as well. People who surrounded me have much more willingness dating online like some famous millionaire dating sites. But, recently some of my sisters complained to me what something happened on themselves with these words that: “Is he have the mind stay with me? Or I can not understood his cold feeling to me after he have sex with me”.

There are some useful approaches if you want identified whether the wealthy singles you meet online is really have the intention to going with you or not.


#1. Showing his sheltered face with naughty boy

The adults only showing the naughty face with the rare people they trust or have the intentions to closed especially for the matures men, most of the men would store something or mood in mind like make a bottle of beer stronger and safety so it shows to others like what their mature appearance. Hence, it is couldn’t means they don’t have the needs to be cared but showing the real behaviors like a child when they faced lover without limits.


#2. let his friends and family members recognize you

The wealthy man would look for ways to have more connections with you or their social networks if they are really love you. Trying to invite you join their social parties, meet their family members even stay with them in abroad. If not, there have two reasons could explain if they do not the willing let you join in, the one is he already have a girlfriend but don’t want cut off that relationship, the send reason is he thought you as the sex partner in bed.


#3. Stare your eyes instead of the breast

People always said to me that almost all of the men consider things about women with their penis instead of brain, but your brain still work well. If a men you meet on dating wealthy sites are stare at your face it understand he want to keep a long relationship with you while if he stare at you body means he want have sex with you.


#4. His futures plan including you

That man you could plan to stay with him for a long time or the rest of your lifetime if he said to you what the details in future’s plan when bought a new house asked your requirements.


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My wonderful experience of seek sugar daddy journey on

6542747427For me, it is the first time that sharing my own dating experiences like online and I can not stop being excited to talk about my magic dating experience since I clicked the login button. I swearing what the contents I sharing to your is absolutely real and ever happened in L.A, the dream wonderland in US. In the left sentence of my post below will show you how have I made it as a sugar baby for the first time.



People who known me since I was a kid in my hometown don’t care what I really want to and carried by my mom escaped the used home where located in Arizona and separate with the drunk dad called Johnson who only have a few memories left in my mind, honestly speaking, lacked the love and care from father made me so sick in mental especially when you been cheated over and over and over again in my puberty. The poor even worse growth environment cause me push anything I have to pursuing what I want, is that good? There is no exact answer yet.


I move out of the old house and rent an apartment in L.A downtown, and work as a waitress in a coffee bar after celebrated my 18 years old boring birthday and already an younger adult in law. You know, obviously, as a girl who only have a high school education background there are so many tough time and trouble. And what my living conditions is less at the average below in L.A equal to low-income group but have a place to live. At that time the thought about seek a sugar daddy has raising in my mind, compared with other women, what I have is the hot and fitness shape body, more younger than most of the bitches, sweetheart calls and less casual sex.




So I trying to seek something about that online, when I put the keywords into Google as seek sugar daddy has appeared a site claimed they have large memberships of sugar daddies in L.A, that’s what I want do. By the way that site might called as and I open that and be asked clicked the button to login, a new world has showing to me at that time and I’m addicted into it since I met my first lover also sugar daddy called Martin, he is a married man and work as a investor in L.A’s film studios, I received a Chanel 2.55 handbag when we first meet, Martin is a gentleman and always meet my need like a cupid on wonderland, I also got Hermes, YSL, FENDI and some classical heels from Jimmy Choo. Date with a rich men is an wonderful experiences in your lifetime as a woman who want seek what they real want to enjoy.


For now, Martin is the past tense man but me still fresh and shining can standing on the same line with other ladies.


Thanks for

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