Choose the rural to live, date the single farmers

I want to experience the single farmers dating despite I am a common rural girl and my mom is a dentist and father work as engineer in GE, they tried best to support me have a happiness childhood memories. I permitted my parents treat me well despite I have 3 younger brothers after I was five, seven and eleven years old. Mom and dad helps me get into touch with the classic music and I like that so much. I was graduated from a famous college but I’m not the willingness to living the same styles with my parents. I have a dream since I was 7 yeas old and joined the summer camp with my friends in rural areas, I like that lifestyle so much and want meet a single farmers as lover. In order to achieve my dream, I trying to work for agricultural machines sale company and that jobs need to living at rural areas for a long time. Then my journey begin and I want to sharing something I met.


  1. They are so openness and conversable despite you are more likely to meet them everyday even have drink together with them in bar but they also want to talk with you for 10-20 minutes when you meet on road and they driving a truck.


  1. In these places you will realized how difficult to play the Pokemon in there, you would across then bench, lairs and the grasses with the muddied shoes.


  1. The school holidays included the hunting seasons.


  1. The children who living in the downtown could not believe that their back-to-school season in summer be advanced to July because they must do some farm works and affairs at that time.


  1. Do things better like what you done in downtown, just don’t relaxed yourself like you have the leisure time in there. Not all of the single farmers are lazy while most of them working hard over 10 hours a day and have a clear plan about their future. Once you talk with them you may considered they are just like a hero on farm.


  1. Rural poor? Some of the unknown people have that sense about that based on the information they received many years ago, they are not stay at that places even one or two days, in their mind, they only have the confused thoughts and that places grown grains and only based on the lower network speed when compare with downtown.


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