Date a farmer I learned from farmers dating website

farmers dating websiteRecently I watch the TV news from NBC that talk about the countryside lifestyle and a famous farmers dating website which helped over 10000+ single farmers sought their lover but beyond the rural areas and combined with the downtown and non-agricultural singles to looking for the perfect match as well in the last 4 months. Which is amazing that people felt so ordinary about farmers dating online since the online dating appears soon and have the same development like the comprehensively dating sites, but they always keep something in mind that set a boundary between agricultural and non-agricultural people’s requirements and the farmer dating sites trying their best to set the professional online farmer dating.




As a unemployed single mom with three kids life is hard to last despite I have the college degree and worked as accountant over 4 years till met a bad man made me pregnant and have three babies but he still addicted in drunk. I end up that relationship in the last year and seek job but in vain. I heard this news from TV and think that it must be my new way to have the bright future and set free from the past faded life. So I signed up on a famous farmers dating site and upgrade into premium membership and enjoy the recommended dating from that, no more than 2 days some called single farmers send “Hi” to me as a beginning and cipher as a dating. We are send each others photos and chat last for a long time, his name is Mike, a single farther who have 2 kids and 33 years old living in Texas and I living in Miami at that time but it is okay. I told him that same as me that I am a single mom who have three kids ages of them no more than 8 years old also told him my past relationship with that bad man. His replies about that was much to my surprised that it is okay and I guess your babies is same lovely as I am. After 7 months later we fist met in his own farm with his kids, the babies are so lovely with blue eyes and blond hair same as Mike.


In the last month, we get married and still choose to living in that farm because I love this play with clean fresh air and far away from the noise.


Thanks that kind of farmers dating websites.



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