Date with single farmers is easy

single farmersDo you agree with my decision that date with single farmers is easy too? Well, I think almost half of the people have the different ideas with me, but that’s okay. As far as I am concerned, meet single farmer is a hard decision that I have few knows about farmer life and rural areas but just going through after I decided to do that.

So here I will tell you something should you noticed in farmer dating if you have the willing to.


  1. Be laugh woman

Is that the farm life boring? Some people used to asked me that question like that, but my answer might surprised them that life is meaningful in anywhere if you have the willing to laugh and smile. The god is fair to treat everyone, date with farmers you may faced some situations would make you can help laughing at that time, for example, Jeff was repairing his car in the last Saturday night but he have no idea about where the exactly place that tools put after used in last month. You could seeing what his crazy face and seems something still in his own control, just comfort him.



  1. The view of norm should be changed

What’s your lifestyle before meet your single farmer lover? Wake up in the 10am and ready to have a comfort bath and makeup well till 1pm waiting your friends calling you, that is the weekend life? Or go to church in the morning and sing the songs. This norm life should be change in you farm life, if you late over 5 minutes in the morning that means your buying plan might be delay into next day morning that your neighbor’s old but big trucker is in the way of your plan for the slow speed per hours and narrow muddy road.



  1. He might like to related the new things with the old rules they known

Date with them over 3 years, Sarah decided to marry with her farmer lover, John, he is a kindness man no matter in farm affair or love, in the last year, they find that they will have their first little girl baby. But John has confused at that time, as a handsome farmer but grown in single mother family he have no idea about that only related it with the the pregnant cows. Is their wrong? Absolutely no, what should you doing is add something new for him.



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