For rich single men, I just don’t love you no more.

There are many rich single men pursue earnestly their right lover over years and pays a lot but still in vain. They also asked themself why would I still being single despite the wealth I owned have across half of the competitors on that way but lonely. They want to know well the reasons and deal it well to seek the new one might as the best one well in the future. Here we are find some ways to let you find the best one and don’t love you no more.



  1. Let bygones be bygones.

I totally agree some women have been hurt you and left the painful memories in mind that you always want keep it in shelters far away from the sunshine till it to hell. But the bygones always just bygones, you may cried, drunk and burned something you ever cherished as the final end with her. While, is there really empty and be clean waiting for the new one? Let it gone with the wind.


  1. Loving her if you admitted

Trying you best to take care to her no matter in daily life and psychological needs once you were ensure that relationship in many aspects, what you done before and now the woman will keep it in mind and ready more things and surprised gifts for you now and then.


  1. Don’t build the wall between minds

It is a stupid decision that made something wrong and built the mind wall between you and her to showing your angry to her, it is original start of estrangement and the potential bomb for your relationship. Just say something you want to with her and make an agreement that there’s not any secret left between you and me, what the left for us is the empty secret boxes.


  1. Respect her thoughts

Listen to her carefully and patiently if she want to tell you something at that time, you know, our male’s patience are much better and stronger than women, in other hands, she tell you that things is regard you as the trusted people to sharing. Seek your own reasons if faced tough some happened on you.


  1. She’s the best one

If you trying your best and found that she’s hard to pursue as your lover but still non-stopped in that way and get her finally, please cherishing her because she’s the best one despite she don’t want meet rich single man at very first beginning.


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