For single rich men, how to get a like-minded woman

single rich menYes, I am, most of the people treat me like one of a single rich men and myself treat it as well much as. But still be a loser in love no matter how hard I tried and reading the related books during that time still in vain. Trying your best to treat the one you felt good and have the possible to date with while they are just like a wood in the wind still standing there and left you alone. Did they jock on you or just have for fun? These questions shouldn’t be waiting till the dawn.


Here are some suggestions to help you get a like-minded woman.


  1. Calm down when first meet

Looks like a mature and experienced man is better than full of the sweats on the faced when you first meet them for most of the women do not the willing to play with a kid or young children like a mother. You are looks like a mature, clam and intelligent men are more attractively than the nervous one despite you are one of a single rich guys faced on them.


  1. Be gallant

After meet and you have a good impression about her, you should be made her felt that be surrounded by the love. She must be received your cares no matter in phones or online chatting. Call her out and dating in the restaurants or bars like a couple sink in love to make her adjust in that situation.


  1. Neither friendly nor aloof

After date as lover relationship over several months, generally speaking, you are enter in the next steps that far away from her temporary to make her experience the feeling that lost you. In this period, you may felt uncomfortable for what you doing but remember this is a key step if you want going better and further.


  1. Open your tender arms to her

It is not a good idea that keep away from her for a long time over two months, they are more likely lost the patience and interest with you like the love faded away. Call her back in the proper time and place is vital so that she confused in the approaches of seeking you.


  1. Pretend to be a bad man

It is not to tell you that cheated on her and have sex with other women despite you once did that, there are nobody want to seek a serious man all the time. Pretend to be a bad man with little sexual feeling is better. Most of the women want meet rich men.




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