For wealthy singles, some behaviors from your lover hint some.

wealthy singles4582Hello, my dear wealthy singles, I knew better that you are still seeking the like-minded lover despite most of the women who touching you is for your money. In my opinions, nearly 80% of the women are high-context especially when they meet their lover, but there still some men confused about it and missed many chances. But it is hard to seek the real one you want date with, here we are collected some tips to help millionaire singles find out some hints from their lover’s behaviors.


  1. Wealthy chat with you in the midnight

“Hello, are you okay? Can I speak something with you?” the women call to you is not just ordinary chat but want share something that I miss you so much and I want be stay with you. Because every women knowing exactly that sleep well and on time is helpful and useful if they want keep their beauty.



  1. The physical contact consciously or unconsciously

People are hardly avoid the unconsciously physical contact especially when they going out to play and outdoor activities, if the women they don’t mind that behaviors from you might as well could more deeper and to be bolder. For example, tell to her if she promise your invitation in the Friday night for dinner you will feel perfect. If she agreed, something seems going well matched your expectation.


  1. Ask for advice

If a women ask something for your advice just as you’re the reliable man in her mind especially her bought some new jewellery or clothes but only send a pictures to you to ask what’s the best match if she dress it into party. In this time, don’t be a fake one but give her your real feel about that and give some extra advises because she’s dress for you.


  1. Told you her past relationship history

Buddy, that’s a strong signal for asking love from the woman you faced at present due to nearly 95% of the women refused to sharing their might painful, depressed, unforgettable pasted relationships to others easily as a relax attitude otherwise they couldn’t broken up at that time. A woman do that are more likely looking for sympathy from you and set you as his next even final lover in her lifetime. So, buddy, trying to listen her whisper even mixed with tears and sorrows and comfort her well despite you are not just into her but thats you should do as a wealthy man.


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