Four kind of the bad men in wealthy chat party

wealthy chatWe make a series of the wealthy chat notice to warn our dear ladies and sisters that attention these kind of the single rich men in wealthy party or related online dating sites, in the past few days we shared the six kind of the bad men and guys whom mixed in rich single men and cheat us and seems non-stopped. Here we are continue to sharing the last four kind of the bad men and you must have some words said to us that I never matched with any kind of the bad men with I ever met one, okay, my babies, let’s sharing the last four and there’s something should I told you that the bad men never stopped in evolution.





  1. Just make love for fun

Someday you finally found some clues that he was cheated on you and might be continue but you ever haven’t the exactly ideas about that as well, he admitted that he have times even several times fun with other women in sex when travel for business or join some parties but you are absent there. And he told you that men could separated the love and sex into different part and act different roles and the sex just like the child have fun in Disney Land as simple as well, but do not believed his words.


  1. Date with you just for fun instead of other

These kind once happened on my friends more than three times and the female always struggled in pain that why could he treat me like that, I devoted almost all of my time and love but he told me just for fun finally. Dear, this kind men is not as rare as panda but living surrounded you like you neighbors, colleagues and so on.


  1. Confused women

This is not the women fault but more likely be concluded in many victims, women can not talk about where that men attracted them , they may not send some kind gifts to you also have no ideas about how to comfort you when you upset, do not even hold a party for you. Moreover, the promise is like the star above hard to touch it but they have confused situations with other women who behind you.



  1. Just bad men

Have not any words to described them, but the only one should you remembering is just go away if you felt they are not the one you want when you meet them first time despite they are wealthy singles.


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