Hey, single rich men, some signals that the woman want know you more

meet rich menWomen should be thought as a magic creature in this world no matter in single rich men or common single men eyes that you never knowing exactly what their real feelings and something they want to saying to you. You may find they do not want to have any contact with you if they do not have any feeling in love with you. If not, things could not be simple as what our stupid men but it also stand there are something should you pay more attentions that the woman she have the feelings about you and want do it better in the future by their own efforts.


  1. Can’t help to contact you

The ways of connection have much different style but the core idea is to tell what their feelings as soon as possible. For extroverts women, it is not hardly if they attempting to communicate with you face to face and let you notice something different than common talk but have the smells of hormones, the ways of expression by them often dare to sharing without any limited and full of the courage like these words: I love you, Do not love you no more, I can’t help to missing you every days and nights.


  1. Intentional physical contact

Women could trying to use something much more proactively when the teased words did not work as expected, they will attempt to having some physical contact which be arrangement by their own to meet rich men. For example, inviting you to watch the love topic theme movie in the cinema and pretend to sleep on your shoulder in the half time of the movie.


  1. Set your photo as wall paper in her phone

They want to seeing you every time every where so set your photos as wall paper in her phone is best choice despite you are not the only one man in her lifetime. There’s not all of the photos included the handsome you but would have some ugly even funny due to she want to owned you by her only.


  1. You always be mentioned

You, one of a single rich guys in her friends circles, might be mentioned by her when she enjoy the afternoon tea with friends or the common chat with friends after they she felt tired and rest in coffee bar.


  1. Knowing you better

She have a clear list where listed all of you interests, hobbies, favourite foods and drinks and so on, she would persuaded herself through the completely knowing and understanding about his social circles, their friends and business partners. Trust me, most of the women treat themself in lazy attitudes if they have the strong pushed and determine to meet single rich men.


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