How to date with single farmers more longer

single farmersMany of my friends felt surprised about me that I date with some single farmers seriously instead of some, they are wondering me how can I do that as a common town girls but have the willing to meet single farmers. They have no idea about that but I’m sink in it. Since 2012, I start to date with young farmers which followed my heart feelings that I’m just want date with them and it is my dreams due to I like the strong and fitness body size of men, and the farmer especially single young farmers they are exercise well since they choose it as a work. So I decided to go on.


I’ve been met even date over 4 different kind of single farmers these years, in this period, the sweet and awkward always existing all the way along with me, but it is meaningful. Date with them is not a easy thing no matter in dating time or dating plan and the more serious thing is you’d better follow their ideas sometimes.


  1. Be patient

They always described themself as a lonely boat on the sea like there are few people could touch them with the dangerous, yes it is, with the number of population decline rapidly recently years in rural areas, the older farmers concerned about their sons or daughters refused to inherit their land from last generation. Same as well, they are doing some heavy manual labour despite the modern agricultural machines is common thing in rural.

They may not same funny as the young men in downtown who work as manager, employee in insurance company, engineers and so on but they are earns a lot than most of the single downtown men. They are serious to treat their careers without any jokes.



  1. Be flexible

What’s the antonym of flexible? Yes, just transferring simply into inflexible that should be attached in most farmer singles that is the prejudice of somebody for them. But things always based on which happened, there are some single farmers dull indeed that they trusted that what they only do and better to do is the original farm produces. As his partner, should you help him get something and trying something different than before.

You could cooking some exotic flavors but use the farm’s produces for him to taste, and lead him the way to something fresh for him or never tried before.


Get more ideas in single farmers dating.


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