How to follow the rules in rural area and meet single farmers

single farmersI’ve written many of the articles to describe the beauty scenes, single farmers, the cows and sheep on the ground, the narrow and muddy roads, fresh air, poor but unique featured local farmer bar, the kindness old mama ask for help when she met the angry dairy cow, children sitting on the ground and counting the stars above and post these online and have many feedback, there’s a reader called Mr. Johnson left his comment to me that his father is a farmer and inherited the farm from his grandpa, he still remember the wolf howl in the midnight and the smells of shard, the scenes in harvesting seasons with the golden grains came into his dreams, he do not back to farm and as a farmer but seek a good job in Huston and over 17 years till now.


I want sharing more things about farm areas and their rule which different from downtown as a gift send back to Johnson.


  1. You should transferring your ideas or directions even ways if the old farmers told you it is powerless, you may felt upset or should you ignore this old man’s advice just like the movies said that but the truth are much more close to the old man for his over hundreds of the tries.
  2. This is a stupid decision and should be reconsider that you want moving here to avoid the gunshots unreasonable, as a downtown fella, you are thought it is property that people who living in rural areas has face less dangerous than downtown people but the truth equal to the contrary side, the less bad men living here but it’s the wild animals paradise, you will heard the wolf howling in the midnight.
  3. It is better place than downtown if you want sitting on the ground and counting the stars above in the night with farmers dating.
  4. Online farmer dating is a great choice based on the better internet service.
  5. It is possible to you especially in the harvest seasons that you can only drive your care with one miles per minute because the muddy road the mega trucks on that way.
  6. Care of you sons and daughters if they are get into high schools due to they are hardly to the cinema and shopping mall in a short time, there are 50 plus minutes for them from home to these place with the muddy roads.

Finally, buy a car is necessary and should be take into you list for some emergency situations if you want go to hospital as soon as possible and can not permit the delay of ambulance.



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