How to seeking unicorn girlfriend

It’s not so tough to go out on a date with unicorn girlfriend due to the fact that people don’t transform their heads when they see 2 unicorns holding hands. Being in the very same fandom, we usually speak about our unicorn sweethearts and screech at the sight of their individual details. Once more, I live in a country where women can be literally close without being questioned which is a benefit for our unicorn partners.

There’s a greater anxiety due to the fact that if ever it happens, I’ll obtain scolded for being unicorn and having a unicorn girlfriend. Being unicorn, we both have the opportunity to pick to be with a male rather for lower issues with our households. The thought of having a guy rather of a girlfriend to make my life easier never ever leaves my mind because of the functionality but nonetheless, I am with her right now.

I still dream of having my very own family with my unicorn girlfriend. It may be our “mommy tendency” but as long as we’re with each other, it won’t be a fact for both of us. My girlfriend is my ideal friend.

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