Meet single farmers, you should know something about that

meet single farmersAfter meet the single farmers since I decided move to the rural area where have 35 miles away from my former home in downtown after as a wiped out man. At the very first beginning, I felt so upset and bored when I found the rural lifestyle is not the great choice for the fall behind internet and night life despite I do not have much money but still want to meet something and somebody new. Till the time goes by over 4 months exactly I met some buddies who thought myself as one of their team in country boys I realized the real meaning and style in meaningful life in farm.


Here I will sharing something about that.


  1. Trying to persuade yourself think the animals you meet on farm is common but full of the mild than same one in downtown, sure it is that the cat is the only a cat, the dog never to be a horse. But someday you may find the cat would act a role as friend of horse, dogs more prefer to catch the mouses on farm.
  2. The role of truck in country is irreplaceable by a car, it will help you do many things well especially in the harvest seasons, as we all known that the big heavy also means have a big effort, farmers single love it.
  3. You may find that a strange thing which happened on almost all of the married and single farmers they all wears boots in the most of the work time, it is suitable for them because there are many muddy road and place but their works must standing there and do it well in the short time.
  4. Buddy, equipped yourself well by some guns or weapons in your house is very necessary on matter to defeated the attack of wolf and bears in the midnight or some bad drunk men. It also made me felt so safe despite I’m alone in that place over 3 years. There are one thing in extra that you have 30 minutes to waiting before the police arrive there.
  5. You must agree with the guns you owned is legal and necessary to protect yourself and family members get free from the emergency situations, in this place the most terrible thing happened on you is the attack from wild animals especially when you work alone on some shelter places and no time for help.


Finally , your rural buddy are more likely to meet love on farmers dating service sites.


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