My experiences in farm and stay with single farmer

Full of the curious about single farmer as an ordinary girl would do in 19 years old, after graduated from senior high school I move out from my parent’s home and ready to set my new house in a farm where between my older house 55 miles away. Then my new life begun, my neighbor is an old couple who work on farm over 45 years since they get married and have three kids but all of them don’t care about that farmer as their best choice while living and working in downtown after graduated from universities.


In this place you will have more chances to meet young single farmers than some places and many interesting things happened on this, like the different places and areas has their own rules and principles, here we are sharing some unique things happened on that areas.


  1. They are not only the farmers just they can do but have enough skills in hunt and fish even search the snakes if someone been bite accidentally. You also could ask them for help if something you can not dealing by yourself like heavy good and fix the broken machines.


  1. You may felt surprised that the single farmer’s house is much dirty and untidy than what your ever thought, they might have not the better skills in clean their room but they are wonderful chef in born. No matter the simple dishes like sandwich, burger, salad and the meals like penny, roast chicken and duck soup even steak they are all doing wonderful taste. Besides, you do not worry about lack of the raw materials like steak, beef, chicken and so on due to there are many of them be frozen in refrigerator.


  1. people who date with farmers or meet them from farmers dating sites always be confused that why they are give up the long-time journey with me despite I’ve paid the plane tickets and ordered the hotel rooms online, is he haven’t any feels about me? Absolutely no, my dear, there are over 70 percent of the single men do not match with these kind job men in serious dating, but the reasons for what their tough decision is for their farm affairs. The animals they feed don’t care who you are, where are you want to go just need to been feed in time and ready something for them in advanced.


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