My farmers dating experience since I living here.

single farmersMom once to said that there’s nothing could avoid the changes like the farmers dating someone beyond the countryside, that is her own life experiences after she ended up her first marriage with a single farmer when she was 23 years old. After passed the two years single life she met my father in a party and they are fallen in love with the extraordinary speed. After 2 years, they are get married and have 3 kids which including me.


I was a naughty girl since I have the memories and always be thought as a unpopular little friend in our community, my father also trusted that I’m a troublemaker but much lovely one. So, my childhood is much better thanks for my kindness father and other family members. And in my memories life is meaningful and much have fun, I made some closed friends including boys and girls in school and join the ballet community to have a fitness body size. I was entered a famous university in United States to learn the agricultural machine, that’s right and believe your eyes that I learn it based on my own characters.


After graduated from that university successfully I was been employed as a saleswoman in a agricultural machines company which aimed at to sell our products to the rich farmers, single farmers and other boss on the countryside if they have that requirements. Life is hard after I begun to work, the more work hard you are the less feedback to you, the depression, sad and the self doubt like a pouring rain attacked you but there’s one road should you keep going that is the do what you want to do without any hesitations.


After contact more than 80 potential customers I finally got my first order from a single farmer named Jake, while, my first order also brought me an romantic farmer dating experience. He said most of the single farmers friends of him have trying to dating online to solve their single life no matter in comprehensively dating sites and apps or professional farmers dating sites. But he is a lucky man to met me at the right time.


After two years later, the relationship between us has broken due to my work changed and he are much busy day by day, we lacked the connection and that love ended gradually, but I always thanks him.


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