My single farmers life

single farmersHey all, shy to introduce myself as one of the single farmers and called Bill who living in Texas, I’ve heard that there are many rural singles who ever published their posts on there has come from the same place with me so that I felt flattered to sharing my story here. Today the topics I want to share with you are the local farmers’ life and unique farmers dating. Let’s beginning.


I was born in a small village where my last even more generations has lived here over 100 years since we landed the America from Netherlands. In my childhood, I was witness the adults hardworking on our farm but have no ideas about that just felt that’s we are and common daily things like that. My father was paid more attentions on my education even spent much more money so that I can have much better education background that most of the same age boys in that area. In his opinions, have a better education background means you have better choices when you don’t want living and working in the farm.


I got into university when I 18 years old, you know, most of my local hometown friends who met me since 5 years old at most finished their senior high school courses as well, I was the lucky one. After work over 6 years as a employee in a bank in Dallas, I was rethought that what is my future? I was so tired and hate that downtown life style so I decided to work as a farmer, I quit the job after my father agreed to received me and inherited the farm to me.


There are something interesting in my single farmers life


  1. The local farmers are more tend to seek lover online from some famous farmers dating sites like FarmersDatingWeb or FarmersOnly, because the local singles we have too similar to dating and many singles tried to work over the farm.


  1. We are not the out of the date one

You may seen some interviews of us from TV or online with a muddy dirt clothes and boots, but it just what we only in working like you wear the heels uncomfortable even felt it would killing you.


  1. Spend more in dating

In addition to this, we always have more willing to spend more money in dating not only for paying the fees in online dating but also bought the great suits and luxury car and so on.


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