One of a wealthy singles travel around the world, everyday like a dating

wealthy singlesAs one of a members of the wealthy singles, Tara should be thought and treat as the most ordinary one in more people’s eyes and values, in their eyes that these wealthy people wouldn’t have any concerns and living the excellent life day and night especially the single ladies are pretty cute and the lacked the chance in pathfinders, but here we are introduced the Tara will breakthrough the stereotype.


As a single rich lady who over 29 years old and have over 10 millionaire dollars wealth under control, she could set her own lifestyle better than most of the same age women and living a luxury lifestyle, enjoy the pink champagne but she choose to living as what she want. She travel around the world with a box of wedding dresses and other several boxes start her travel around the world.


In her mind, alone is not a bad situation but you have the best accompany one that is the whole world, she said to me that people always surrounded themself into a narrow boxes and comfort own that is the best place where have a better experience in after married life and safety instead of the whole world they never see and learn. Tara also said to me that the world is comprehensive so that over billions of the different kind people living and rely on it to survive and develop. And there are many secret be hidden in somewhere in this planet, full of the sense of fresh is the most energy to discover this world no matter good or bad still worth to find. Her first destination after left American is the most romance place – Paris, she wearing the wedding dress standing the front of Eiffel towel and be praised by local people and visitors. She chose to living in Ritz Carton hotel Paris not only she is American but the luxury brand are much more let her comfort.


In this hotel, people no matter waiter or guests were amazing and grateful what their saw and encourage Tara keep going, she lived there 3 days and driven the car alone through around the whole France and into German, she visited Berlin, Munich. After 5 months later, I received her phone from Monaco and said to me that she almost visited all of the countries in Europe and she want living in Monaco for a long time because she found a handsome man on local wealthy chat party.


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