Reasons for the men you meet on wealthy dating sites don’t the willing to marry with you

wealthy dating sitesYou must have been seek lovers on wealthy dating sites for a long time and have been say hi to over hundreds of the singles and choose the some excellent to date in reality, some of them made you felt so disappointed after you realized that there are not the one you want to seek by their rudeness. Meet someone you have the feelings but they do not paid more attentions on you. This is the past but you will seek the one who meet your wonders and needs and last that relationship for a long time.


While, you have found that ask him did they have the willing to marry with you but the answer is no or wait a minute makes you felt so depressed, you can not image what their inner world is like a stranger for you even if you have meet each other over 3 years. So here we are listed some reason for that and wish it could help you figure out:


Reason one: Into stale

As what mom once said to me that there are few of the stale existing between you and your husband after hand together and passed the 20 years after married life as well as the fresh also old lovers, the feels between you and him from love and the sense of fresh into common but strong relation like family members.

For some bad men meet on wealthy dating site, you are a heavy burden especially you are date as love over 3 years for them, they want to seek someone and something new for them like a lion seek their food by their own despite they are working in club and bar.


Reason two: Freedom is the first

Another obstacle standing on the way of your happiness marriage is the freedom they said, the more time he spent with you, the more freedom he thought has been taken and need to be set free. As we all known that cut off some of your characters and lifestyle and matches with you husband is one of a basic factors you need to deal if you want living better after married. If he said that to you means they are afraid to meet the truth about they have rare time to spent with pussy girls in the pubs.


Reason three: Gamophobia

That is a unfortunately truth that you wealthy boyfriend full of the scares about marriage, the reasons might related his unhappiness childhood memories with the non-stopped quarrels, fears and be cheated. Trying to comfort him or ask help from doctors.


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