Reject the dating violence happened on wealthy dating sites

wealthy dating sitesHave you ever faced that the violent dating on wealthy dating sites no matter how old you are and what the sexual orientations of yours but it is really does? While there are many people have no ideas about what kind of the dating violence does there have and don’t have the clear boundary between normal conflicts and dating violence. According to our convey start on some famous online dating sites we found that over 50 percent of the respondents ever experienced the violent dating and nearly 39.5 percent of the female college students said that they are been attacked by mature single men online after they telling them they don’t the interests about that men and some of them would be like a crazy cow without the messages stopped and send them some ugly and horrible pictures and threatened words.


In abusers eyes, they are just too excitement in protect themself free from the harm. But few people care about it.

Many people showing us that what would happen with that situation, in most of that time, the abusers would combined the behaviors with the physical acts like pushed them, showing their jealous, send many messages and monitoring what they would do and disturb their family members, all of this is unforgivable.


In the very first beginning, the abusers will showing their prejudice and jealous to you and hoped that you could have some proper replies. But things wouldn’t going well as what we thought do, with the time goes by, their jealous made them doing something more crazily like the physical violence. Meanwhile, they would forced you to have sex with them and take some photos as a evidence use it in future.


Dating violence is illegal, it deviated from the basic principle in love and dating, many victims be forced to have the dangerous sex and been taken by some dirty movies and photos. The more importantly is the deadly harmful in mind, which could last for a long time.


What would you do after faced that bad situations on dating sites for wealthy?


  1. Don’t be panic, the more panic you are, the more crazy they are, that’s what they thought.
  2. Save some useful evidences.
  3. Call to police because it is a serious crime.
  4. Seek some help in mind support from your family members and friends.


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