Single farmers daily life in morning

single farmersI have no ideas about some body left their comments about single farmers life boring and said they are not the real job on farm? And my replies for these questions is did I really look so badly?

As once of the single farmers who living in Texas over 35 year old, date back to 7 years I’ve work for a company as manager in New York city since I was graduated from New York University and decided to settle down in that city nor back to my hometown as farmer. That period in Big apple city is unforgettable for so busy life work from 6 am till 12 pm with several cups of coffee, the strong body and endless pressure. Then I found and rethink that what I am and what would I do in the next few years, Do I still work like that even till the midnight and comfort me that is necessary when I young? Days going on but the mind stop till it cover the dirt. The non-stopped work hard finally caused the weakness body so that I must quit the job and rest in home.


Based on this I carried all of things of mine back to the hometown and trying to operating the family farm from my father due to the rest of my brother don’t have the willing to care this. So I want sharing the farmer’s morning to all including the misunderstanding one.


I usually wake up in the 4 am and lying on the bed till my calendar ringing in the 4:30 am and dressed up well, cooking a cup of American coffee and enjoy it and wash my mouth and rinse the tooth after drink it all. I can not enjoy my breakfast more if I wake up and eat it in the 5 am morning but just wait to the 9 am with my family members. 5:30 am ready to start my new day, work would much complex if you are not only raise cattle and cow but have several acres or the grains need to be cared. My first job is to check the amount of cattle and cow and sign them up if some animals looks in trouble or need to be cared in extra. If things okay I will continue to check another things like my big chuck and fixed the fencing by myself.


Till 9 am back home enjoy my breakfast and continue to work, we are busy so that online seek lover on farmers dating sites or apps.


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