Single farmers told you something on farm you don’t know

single farmersHi all, my name is Justin who act as a role of single farmers and I living in Texas with my parents and sisters over 3 years, you may thought something strange that why I still living with my family members but they are former one instead of the living alone or other? You also could think that most of the singles no matter what kind of the jobs do you have they are living separated with their own parents. My answer for that question is I’m passing my testing from them in order to get the inherit rights of that family style farm, the another reasons for that is I’m the only son of my parents and the female has no ideas to inherit that farm if they have brothers.


I used to work as an engineer in London over 3 years after I get my college degree from that university and fly to UK alone, at that time, what my feelings is I need to challenge myself, unfortunately, the global financial crisis like a pouring rain touched each of us so that I lost my job and be forced to start my back road to US, then I called to my father and he persuading me came back hoe and learning to managed that farm and he promised me make it better could over your engineer works. So I admitted and ordered the ticket back to home.


In the very beginning, everything do not as much easy as what I ever thought but more hardly to control, you must have a clear idea about how many storage of the fodders in the warehouses and the account of the cows. Contact with the business partners in time to get the exactly information about that is another key should you hold in hand.


The another bad things that make me almost crazy is the few singles in this area, we all known that most of the population concentrated on the downtown in US at present, you are not much easy to seek lovers as well as the 1950’s in the local pubs and bars. And most of the bars are out of date and full of your competitors. Based on this situation, I’m trying to dating online like what I ever done in UK but sign up in some famous farmers dating sites to seek lover. By the way, I’ve sought over 7 girls on that.




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