Some bad men kind in wealthy singles

wealthy singles As a sexy woman always keep going in the way of seeking wealthy singles have I met many different kind of that men bad or kindness as well. Due to I can accept the rich lovers ages among 25-60 years old so there are many rich single men I have ever touched but I always seeking at present, the reason why I keep looking for lover is have met many bad men in dating but I have no ideas about that at the beginning and middle class till something showing me that was too late, I devoted my time and energy in it but in vain. There are not any evidences showing that the bad men has been ruined in the group of rich singles but many girls and women still confused about it and sink in.


Here are some kind of bad men I ever met I think should be introduced to our sisters if you want keep related safe in wealthy dating.


  1. Selfish men

This should be thought as the typical one in bad men family and what their performances is they only care about what their own feelings instead of you. They are more likely to choose the favourite restaurants and dishes they liked but ignore what you want. You never have the chance to hear any apologizes from his mouth despite they are did something wrong. As a woman in love you always heard the whispers from him are Would you please think about my feelings ? or I don’t think so, while it is nice.

You put most of your love for him while he do not care.



  1. Bragged men

You may felt so sweet and everything from him are made you have the feeling that be surrounded by love and passions in the very beginning of dating, he is so good at the talk even should be thought as a conversationalist and have the exactly idea about how to treat girls well in talking. The sweet whispers between your is a easy and little case for him such as the greetings in the morning and night and sometimes in the day. Moreover, make some promises to you from him is easy, they do not concerns about how to achieve it and do they have the ability to do that, just give it to but forget it.



We will keep introduce some kind of the bad men you might meet from wealthy chat parties.



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