Some clues which shows wealthy singles lover lost interest in you

 wealthy singlesSeek and date with wealthy singles is a lucky thing, do you want spent time stay with them and make that relationship been ensured and more deep in the future by your own efforts? It is the best decision if you could do that but many single women are not been involved in that field, what they faced is much tough situations no matter in seeking or dating, just like climbing the mountain high but weals the Dior heels over 12 cm. Date a broken mind man is a worse thing, in order to save dear sisters from the bad shelter, we post some clues which shows the rich man you date lost interest in you. (he’s not that just into you.)


  1. Contact lower than before

This is a typical performance if he lost patience or interests in you, from the daily contact in phone or messages even chat online turns to once or twice a week with rudeness temper and casual mind when contact you. More seriously, they might meet the better one they thought and could replaced your position in mind completely. Hoped that men could return their head back to you, as a smart woman, trying to contact them once a week and waiting their reply is better. Because you are precious one.


  1. Unfollow you posts on social medias

Back to the few months, then you were unfamiliar despite have some met in restaurants, you have no idea about him but he still got your Ins account and ask for a friend, you admitted his request. He always be your first one who comment your posts despite you posted it in the midnight. But recently you found that he’s no longer to comment it on time.


  1. No longer share you something important

Once a day, you may found that he are banned you comment on FB and no longer to sharing something important they thought to you which including their daily works, family members , friends, the strange people they met.


  1. Talk with other woman despite you are standing there

It is the most stupid thing that flirting with other women while your lover still standing there, while, they may ignore something or behaviors that they used attention did it better at that time when met you on sites that dating for wealthy just like throw the dirty socks anywhere at home.


  1. Don’t want date with you though they are in leisure with others

The excuses about it might be concentrated on what the busy works they have and how frequency they travel for business. For that wealthy dating lover they do not love you and put you in mind, waiting equal to waste time.


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