Some news the single farmers ever talk to me

single farmers Do you ever heard something new, strange even interesting about single farmers from others? Yes , I am. When I was 6 years old, one of my dad’s friends called Mr. Johnson who work as a single farmer on his own farm day and night but earns a lot told to me that single farmers have much more interesting things like fight with the crazy cows, lying on the grass to enjoy the sunshine or seeing the stars above. To me, a common boy who grown at the downtown has full of the curious about Johnson’s talk. Then I start my travel in some unknown farms in Texas and write down what of my learns and experiences in that way.



  1. There’s no little men or little boy

It against the traditional knows about the human beings that each one is a unique one that different from tall, weight and their appearance to identified the strong and small in categories. But there are not any kind of the little men in rural areas that people especially living and working as farmer in this areas have the strong body size and the able to fight with the cows and sheep when some of them lose control and other intentions. Trust me, no matter married or single farmer they are much stronger than most of us.



  1. The unadapted topics

You may felt uncomfortable and hard to agreed with their talking, due to in your opinions you are hard to received their topic listened like approached to their daily life that they how to cured a cow’s skin diseases, how to castrate the cows in a short time and so on, just relaxed yourself and you will thought it commonly eventually.



  1. The dirty look

Even though we may look like a dirty people who dressing the boots with dirt even blood and something you may felt so disgusting, but that is our daily work.



  1. Do not be shocked by us

Yes, I admitted that there are someone who shocked by what our daily lifestyle and the work style if he or she never stayed or worked at farm or rural areas more than one day. Bu it doesn’t stand for anything especially some people said to me that the farmers are rudeness, absolutely no! On the contrary, we are full of the lovely and should be treated as the brave one that so many single woman want meet single farmers.



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