Some skills to treat single rich man well after you meet each other

meet rich menI want looking for a single rich man after I touch the sky of 18 years old, that it is what a 14 years old girls thought that of me in my birthday party, I lived in a small town in Ohio before 16 years old and my father is a drunker who worked as a peasant in local farm. To be honest, I always think that my family lived below the poverty line till I graduated from senior high school so that I move into downtown work as a writer to support my own life and pursuing my dream.


I also work as a cashier in part-time in 7-11 to support my survive in downtown, I met my first rich boyfriend in 2011 when I carried my dog to pet store to weekly wash and clean her, then I lost my wallet in the middle of the road, he picked up it and returned it to me, we started to communication by phone and chatting online, after 4 months later we ensure that relationship and living together. Recently we are ready to get married in LA based on the nearly 6 years dating and love. Back to seeing my road of date a rich guy where full of rough but meaningful, I was wondering for a long time that is there necessary to writing something about this to help someone in love? The answer is certainly.


Let him relax

We all known that the men has much more heavy pressures than women in works, social, business and careers despite they might looks relax and happy in front of you. What you gonna do ? Trying to make a comfort and quiet environment in your home, far away from the loud music, the proper temperature in house with the air-conditioner work well and prepare warm shower water in bathroom. If you find that he fall asleep on the sofa after he back home no more than 15 minutes do not the wake him up, just last his time to rest, and the dinner must be heated again by microwave.


Daily smiles

Many people said to be that I should moving this word back to the shelters hat everybody who born and grown has the completely ideas about that, while, do you really do it everyday no matter in the morning and night as a common manner, but sometime they need your comfort and support have you do that?


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