Some talking skills to solve contradiction with single rich man when dating

meet rich manCongratulations for you finally seek a single rich man as lover through the unbelievable journey and dating online even faced some catfishes but safe. It is like a strong push in your daily life and dating attitudes which different from your last or former relationships with common singles like the taxi driver, schoolmate, your colleague and so on.


Are you still remembering that night you were first meet each other and have a wonderful communication like the former dating as well, and he drive you back your home kiss goodbye, after three days you are ensure the relationship each other. Then you start you twice dating, that wonderful night you keep in mind is so wonderful till everything he set and prepare fro you is better. Life should be so sweet like this and you just falling in a bottle of honey and enjoy it.

While, you are find something getting wrong between you and him after meet each other over 6 months and you moved into his mansion, you gradual find that he is not much as simple as the one you ever met but keeping many secrets and hoped you never knew. Does there anything wrong?



Do you have the partner perspective?


Simple speaking that is trying to imagination yourself transferring into him or her and think something as him, and to learn, notice even get some ideas to solve the problems existing between yours. Observe carefully you would find that the harmonious relationships mostly based on this as a basic one.

For a case, Lily is one of my friend who met in college in New York since 18 years old and she is a brave girl never have any hesitation after she make a decision to get something or somebody who be concluded on her list. She is so powerful and strong in work that she get a important job after graduated from school no more than 4 year and I still working and struggling for my basic needs. She always think that she is the best and have the able to meet and date a rich guy as lover despite her father is a common engineer in Dallas. But things much beyond her expectation that the more efforts she paid on that the less replies she get. Finally she get the idea that she just act double roles that the man and woman in dating.



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