Something interesting when I meet farmers dating

single farmersAfter came back from the summer camp which hold by school in an unknown farm I still full of the interests about farmers dating and farmer regular life after I stay at that place over 15 days long. But things couldn’t permit me to join it again in a short time or senior high school at least but the flame be stored till now. After graduated from university when I was 23 years old or thereabouts, came to the farm and settle down alone wished to meet single farmers as lover till now my dream achieved.

I want sharing something about the farmers dating and farmer life.



  1. The delayed dating

Many couple would choice the Sunday’s night as a dating night and eating the dinner with the significant one as well as other important days like Valentine’s day and so on. But I’m waiting for the coming of the delayed Valentine’s day romantic dinner due to John, my farmer lover, was so busy at that day and he promised me we will refill the feelings. But I still loved him.



  1. Keeping the record in business

They are always keep their business in mind like most of the women known what kind of the lip balms do they liked and where the handbags matched well for them. As a successful business man in agricultural field, busy is their common lifestyle that there are many women unadjusted about that when you are dating in cinema but he answer the phone with the little voice even said to you that it is time to say sorry that he must back to the farm the deal with something in emergency or just based on the bad weather. Or you are decided to travel abroad instead of the New York city or Las Vegas even Los Angeles to stay in but the time to arrive you have made the decision. While before the five hours you farmer lover told you that he felt awfully sorry and there are something to tell you that your plan to travel must be faced some fixed temporarily due to he can not leave the farm affairs alone based on the weather forecast shows that it will some fiercely rainstorm attacked the farm rural areas and he and his workmates must be doing something to decline the losses as well.

For me, it was not the first time to faced that situation but just okay due to I love you since I met you from farmers dating site.


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