Something matches you and seek another wealthy singles

wealthy singlesI convinced that near 80 percent of the women want meet wealthy singles to make their life more meaningful and far away from the common even poor financial situations, just as the what their expected some single women looking for their wealthy lover successful. While some women living unhappy even though they sought the one but they are not just that into them, in my opinion, maybe you could find another rich men as dating if the present him has some behaviors we listed below:


Too cold or too hot

In the beginning of your love, the man would set some surprises to you which contained in some special box with cold or hot attitudes because these abnormal attitudes could get more reacts to react the expectations. While, with the time goes by and your relationship has into stronger steps these things should be avoid in order to be the shock.


He’s always forgot me

It seems that he always remembering all of your special days like birthday, valentine’s day and so on when you are first meet each other no more than one year, but now he forget most of these things and only have the careers and business in his eyes, is he really busy?



I’m busy now

Women in love always sharing what their disappointed feeling of their men that they are just like operate the whole US as much busy can not pick up a few times to stay with me. The usual things when I call him are in business party or travel for business. Honest speaking, I have no idea about what my role in his mind. They are too busy to forgot her birthday party, reservation time to visit the dentist, see their parents and many things.



Too calm

Everybody said to me that feminine IQ are down to zero when they fall in love with others as well as the men lost their intelligence in love and more like to be an idiot, but if you found that your boyfriend appearance do not change some and calm as usual, should you get more ideas about it.


Casting off your chains

You are asking them gentle for what his feeling about something, his replies:”It is not your business” made you felt so harmful than any words. What a real men who cares you would sharing their feelings to you as wealthy chat.


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