Something new in my farmers dating

single farmersThere are someone once asked me with sincerely cares nor jokes that do you really felt happiness in your farmers dating with that single guys in rural areas? Look at Lucy, my best friend who met in senior high school in Ohio, I felt so pride for what the best friend I have and determined to keep that relationship better in the future ads what Lucy did. Lucy came to visit me recently and I invited her to stay at the farm more days because she living and working in Big Apple city over 6 years after graduated from Ohio university and changed several works till this one in insurance company. She always wondering about my decision which made in 6 year ago while graduated with the same time with her and why my choice is working and living in rural areas instead of the urban cities like New York or LA. My answer at that time always the smile till the midnight I talked to her the reason why I chose this.


Things date back to my childhood that I living in the broken family and dad was died to the paradise when I 5 year old, and I always felt so confused with my father’s impression because I’m too small at that time, living with my mom and she tried her best to support my daily life but in vain till my step-father came into my house. I always wondering their are someone who have the strong will and fitness body to care and protect me no matter what’s education background he have and single farmers or not.


I still remembering the interesting wedding I’ve ever joined in rural area three years ago, the called “forever single farmer” William has met his girlfriend on farmers dating website and they keep going on over 2 years and decided to get married. I dressed well and go to the local church to join the wedding, almost all of the guests dressed well instead of the dirty boots, quietly, happiness, serious and pray for them, then, someone take a joke that the new couple should killed the three different kind of birds with one stone, I think it is impossible but they did despite the consequence is not that much satisfied.


Till John came in my life did I say goodbye with my single life and be embraced with John each morning and night, that’s what I want to.



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