Something that single farmer told to me about rural areas

single farmersMany people once said to me that the reason why for seek single farmer as lover instead of the wealthy singles, single doctors, single engineers, young models even single rich men as lover but choose that one? My uniform answer is follow my heart and do what I want to do. Yes, for sure, I like the strong man so much since I was a 6 years old little girl and dressed the pink princess dress and pass the woods to called my friend stay with me because mom always busy in work to hold the family burden and dad is a weakness man who are hard to standing over 5 minutes but stay on the bed since I have memories. I hoped there will have a strong man protect and company me all the time. When I 11 years old attended the summer camp which hold by school and we are enjoy the summer day on the farm and meet many strong single handsome farmers, I love it since them. After graduated from senior high school and enter the university I choose the agriculture related major as my main courses in four years. Four years later I graduated from there and be employed as a veterinarian in a farm where 300 miles away from my parent’s home.



Then, my new life started.



Many of my friends thought that the rural life is boring and they might felt upset in there over 5 days due to the most convenient transportation is the car, and drive one hours to the nearest downtown to buy a cup of popcorn is a common thing at that area. Most of the single farmers choose drive to the bars in towns and hoped have a leisure time even meet a sexy charming lady. By the way, in the beginning, I said that I want to meet a strong man who living in rural areas as lover after I graduated from university, I still remember it and keep in mind so I start my plan of farmers dating, I always make some chances to meet single farmers alone when treating the large animals in his farm like cows and sheep and talk to them even ask their phone number or Facebook. After five months latter and have no more than 10 times dating with single young farmers, I choose Jeff, a 27 years old single rich new farmer in that area and has a strong body size and matured face, I love him so much, moreover, he is a kindness man.


Jeff, I love you.


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