Something that the single farmers known better than city folks

I’m like to listening the country music so much as the single farmers or some people living in rural areas since I was 9 years old and my parents bought a CD player for me as birthday gift also have some CD of John Denver, it start my wonderful journey in country music, a city folk boy ride his skateboard but fill the John’s music in mind. In 2014, I was 31 years old and have three babies living in Texas and living and working over 2 years with farmers. And have many meaningful experiences on there.


  1. The poor Internet experiences

There is no doubt that the city and downtown is the best place for common people like you and me to experience the lightness internet to do something like online shopping, watch the Big Bang Theory and online game. For the fall behind network infrastructures, the poor online surfing experiences always existing. I’m wondering the period coming in 5G.


  1. People who living in the countrysides are noticed the emergency sirens and weather forecasts more than downtown people because the unpredictable extremely weather like tornado are more likely ruin their one year hard work on farm and in debts despite they already bought some insurances.


  1. The less local or permanent residents with over 5 even more times numbers of the cows or sheep and other animals been feeding on this area, the connection between local people are more closer than downtown. But it is not a good idea if someone talk about your past relationship history and the others family affairs in local club or churches. In my opinions, keep a proper distance is better.


  1. If you heard the a wolf howl in the midnight, trust me, it not absolutely one wolf, his other family members are on the way.


  1. If some people tells to you that something you not to do when you living or working on the farm but not the clearly answer for the reasons, you’d better keep distance from that. They may think that you are not good at that operation but more easily hurt yourself by your wrong and clumsy actions. Finally, it is not a trick.


  1. Be a quiet people on a dirty road, walking on that road doesn’t stand for some but the different location you are on that planet. And trying to persuade them seek lover on farmers dating sites.


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