The after lunch daily life of single farmers

single farmersIn the last two days we shared about the morning and lunch time of single farmers to have a good impression with these group of people who knowing little about the farmer’s life and farmers dating. And the comment we received from the readers online has encouraged us that this series of farmer singles’ life should going on till it end. And there’s a question to you that what kind of your  after lunchtime do you have in work day?





As a once employee in a insurance company in Dallas worked over 4 years and I think I’m completely have the qualified for this question that my after lunch time usually be wasted on the sofa or my chair to rest for a moment because our job have the power of concentration to face the emergency situations happen. We would like to drink a cup of coffee as a finish signal of after lunch rest.


And what’s your imagine for single farmer’s after lunch time? I used to asked some of my friends about it and their answers are coverall such as sleeping on the haystacks or trucks, dating online with their new lover who met from the farmers dating app or just sit at there. Based on this question, I asked Jeff, one of the single farmers in my hometown in Texas that question and hoped that he could give us an unusual answer and he got it. He told us that with the development of apps in the smart phone more and more rural singles could have the able to meet new one and broaden their horizons based on this more conveniently despite they already owned the laptop. And the more development about this, the more they have the interests about this. Most of the rural single people are wondering that they can meet someone who like-minded as their lover as soon as possible so they want spend more time on that to achieved this. While some of the lonely farmers they are addicted in online games on the phone after enjoyed the lunch and lacked of the rest by this.


But, is there all of the farmers doing like that? The answer might more followed with the truth that there are over half of the farmers continue to doing something left in work before they plan to enjoy the lunch. Like pick out the broken seeds from over 10 kilograms of the peanuts or clean the dirt attached on their trucks.


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