The afternoon life of single farmers in countryside

single farmersI think your afternoon life is much different from single farmers no matter the rest time and the afternoon tea, you may cover a blanket and enjoy the sunshine in the 3 pm but we always struggling in fix the fence to defeat the wolfs attack in the midnight. As a called and past white collar work in LA over 3 years and far away from my hometown after graduated from the university, at that time I trusted never back to the farm, that is my hometown, and continue to doing the farm works like my parents and grandparents ever did. In the last year I got a car accident and forced stay in hospital to treat my broken legs while I lost my job at that time. I felt so depressed after heard I’ve been fired by the company. So what is my future with a disabled leg even though it have been cured after 14 months? After think deeply I decided to back to my hometown work as a farmer like my parents ever did.


They are so pleased to received me to managed the farm from their hands so as to they have the spare time finally to enjoy their rest time and visited their old friends across the United States. For me, not only take that farm into control but also joined some farmers dating sites to seek my lover who have the willing to stay with me in the countryside. Here I want sharing something about my afternoon life which I guess is much different from the downtown’s lifestyle no matter in the rest time and afternoon tea also other thing, but there is one thing I can ensure that it is suitable for rural farming life.



Like other jobs you worked as well as most of that you may felt hungry especially in the 3-4 pm then I would eat some chocolates and a cup pf coffee when I felt so tired. After 6 pm my assistants will help me to taking the cows and sheep into the byres and locked them, them filling the clean water in the water tank, put the fodders stacked in front of them and ready to clean something they left and back home to ask mom does there anything need my help in kitchen or carry something from the warehouses.



If some girls or women want meet single farmers, please contact me.


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