The catfishes hidden on wealthy dating sites

wealthy dating sitesThe activities of catfishes on wealthy dating sites seems always be discussed by many people that how to catching them even thought they are cunning like the mucus of the catfishes you can not catch it much easily than some kind of the fishes. People register as a member on that rich dating sites not only just seek a rich lover or someone who have the willing to last long-term relationship with them but believed that these kind of sites are much better than many comprehensively dating sites so that catfishes do.

So why would they doing that as a faker face ? In my opinions, to pretend as someone might not join in this dating would them get more ideas in dating, some of the catfishes they might get the experiences the failed dating and don’t want to showing others what their real face and feelings about dating, by pretended to be another one, they can get some useful ideas about dating site for rich people.



I ever met a woman she told me just called her Z, she are over 30 years old and have 2 kids all no more than 6 years old, and she divorced with her ex-husband and carried three kids with her. In the very first beginning, my job and life passed a tough period that hard to find a suitable job and the money I have only the able to paid the 2 month’s fees. So I tried to seek rich man online after I learned somebody who I ever met met them successfully by this way. But I am not the charming and sexy even beauty one but just a common woman in US, so I pretended to be a single young charming woman no more than 24 years old and have an good education background even work harder in magazine Vogue as a common employee.



In the beginning I failed by the identify system but I keep trying and make the photos and personal profile looks so real to pass it. Like a catfish in a box of sardines to make them much more activity surprised, people attention me and say hi but I just put the dating on that platform but refused any kind of invitations in reality face to face because I am a catfish woman.


Till the future, I have no idea about that but quit that one as soon as possible in order to be punished by the sites officials after I learned the skills I need in dating.



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