The cons of dating farmer I learned from farmers dating website

farmers dating websiteHi all, I’m sally, in the last blog we showing you the pros of dating farmers and we got the help from farmers dating website analysis to point out the the cons of farmers dating, after all, things always have two sides like a coin. What is your perfect match with single farmers? Enjoy the sunshine with him on the farm’s grass in the spring season or see the stars above in the night, even date with him on the horse. Which is amazing dating experiences than your common former boy friends who only have sex with you in the car, date in the cinema but always cheated on you with another women meet in the pubs. Date a farmer is better than then based on these situations.


While there are many disadvantages existing in farmer dating but you rarely know, here we are talk about the cons in date farmer as lover.


  1. Lonely time

Working as a farmer is a tough decision which not only have a long time hard work but rarely enjoy the proper temperature like the IT guys and other works. Meanwhile, it also means the farmer might compared with the lonely for a long time, in the harvest season you may find that they are working 14 hours a day with a clean boots and clothes go out but the dirty dress came back to see you. Yes exactly, that is their lifestyle but it also means they are rich.


  1. Out of date

When people talk about the newest fashion trends and what kind of the dress do you like it may take your farmer love sink in the awkward situation. Honest speaking they don’t follow the fashion trends, have no idea about the newest things online and may not listen the music of Lady Gaga, it is common but they are like-minded one.


  1. Simple style in life

Simple is a important style in their daily life that things have no needs to make it so confused with the unnecessary dress and decorated, they couldn’t pay for lots of money in luxury car and goods but the practical and quality agricultural tools might more preferred.



  1. Something is dirty and muddy

You can easy to learn it that their partners in work and much closer to the environment and common to touch the dirt and something urban people don’t want touch it.


  1. Long time work

Working over 12 hours a day is common thing in farmers life especially in the harvest seasons they may have doing few things a day including eating, rest and work and meet lover on farmers dating sites online before they rest.


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