The daily life of single farmers

single farmersIn the last week we talked about the common lifestyle in the morning of single farmers in the United States, which compared with another farmers life in other countries has a big difference especially in developing countries there are lacked the professional and mature agricultural technologies so as to the unit output has much lower than us. It is well known that farming is the basic of the country and the foundation of national economy. As a single farmer, we put our efforts in support the basic need for people and their sustainable development that’s the point I felt so pride.



Here we are talk about what should we do 11 am to 2 pm this time of single farmer.


We usually eat the breakfast in the morning 9-10 am in our own room which doesn’t like the urban people that they always too busy in own work and careers to lacked the time in cooking their own food especially in the morning and they have over 2 children, they must tidy up the dressing including the babies and send them to the school on time. But which is uncommon in our rural areas, far away from the air pollution and the crazy noise. We enjoy the peaceful life style and the harmonious relationships with the nature, she helped us and braised us we all grateful.


Our lunchtime might late than most of the people that could enjoy the meals in the 1.30 pm with my workmates and family members after we end the job temporary, wash the hands but never take off the coats and boots despite have some unique smells on that. The meals mostly are produced from our own farm and gardens and rarely ordering it from the stores and supermarkets. Due to our heavy work that need a lot of the energy to support the afternoon also might the night job so we must even forced own eat more than breakfast so that we can do that job better and better in attentions. At this period we will talked about the farmers dating and their new friends meet from local bar despite some of them being single over 2 years and can’t help to meeting the new one as lover as soon as possible. I like eat the bacon salad and tomato soup with cheese so as to my ex-girlfriend once said to me that soup and salad is all of your dishes.


I always make full use of this time the reply the email from my girlfriend and business partners with a cup of American coffee. By the way, for most of the singles in rural areas, dating online should be a property way to meet the new one if they have the willing to.


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