The evening time of single farmers in countryside

single farmersPeople used to said that the silent night is beautiful after finished the whole day’s work but it isn’t like that from the single farmers that they always paying more attentions on their own affairs. But if you have the wondering about how’s the scene and experience in rural area, my answer is great.

Hi, all, I’m Justin, a single male farmer who graduated from related college in United States, and you may think that it is impossible for a college graduated student have the willing to living the countryside instead of the downtown even urban cities like LA, New York and Seattle and so on. The truth is my grand father expand the farm and into the present one and my father keep going on till he over 58 years old hoped one of his sons could inherit that farm and keeps getting better but the rest of my brothers don’t want do that in their last lifetime because they hate living in rural and do not want living one more seconds any more. Based on this situation I told to my father that I have the willingness act the role of next host of our family farm then I was 16 years old and preparing the college examination as soon as possible.

After graduated from college, I back to hometown and ready to inherited the farm from my father and he set a log time for me to adjust the farmer life. The most interested me is the farmer’s evening life, after a whole day’s work I ready to get rest and have a break after have a shower, but my father told me that it is not the end signal but you should end up the last one that is make an inventory and ready something for tomorrow morning. Put everything back where they were and move the goods that farm produced move on the truck like the eggs, milk. And make an inspection tour in the whole farm then your work over all day long.


I ready back to home and take a bath but my phone ringing and I found that someone replied me on farmers dating app, by the way, there are many farmers dating on some professional farmers dating sites and apps to seek their lovers, join it if you want.



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