The five basic standards for women meet single rich man

meet single rich menMy dear, I have the completely idea about you eager mind in seek single rich man as lover to save you from the poor financial situation and living in luxury life like Grace Kelly, almost all of the American woman’s dream want do that as you wished. But there are some basic standards for you before seeking them. Not all kind of the rich men you all can received as wealthy lover but based on many aspects because you do not just a short relationship with them. So, here we are some tips in standard and something should you attention in meet single rich man.



  1. The height

Women always take it into the consideration at first when they meet the new one also that one has the potential to last as her lover in the end after she tried her best to pursuing. The reason why women cares about the man’s height is common that they want that man have the able to act as a strong chest like a harbour to save them when meet rainstorms. After all, they don’t want their own act a role of single mommy to protect her child like a huge hug.


  1. The hairstyle

No matter they are handsome one or not, the hairstyle should be pay more attentions on it that to appeal more and more woman’s eyes so that they have many choice between them. But the first impression in hairstyle is not the fashionable or not while it is clean.



  1. The dressing

Sure, this point might be mentioned and you are been taught by your parents since you are over 5 years old and trying to join some parties which hold by your little friends. Which is the most visual way to point out where the class that man is by his dressing and you should judgement that is it him suit for you.


  1. The character

Do you want date a rich guy and living with him despite he can’t take his own temper into control and shouting at you despite he have the able to help you and save you from the poor financial situation and buy a mansion for you? In my opinion, you could bear but not for long.


  1. The potential

Some of the single rich men they are inherit the wealth from their parents or over last generations to get it and it doesn’t means anything especially in their own ability in business, so keep your eyes brightly.


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